It’s inevitable – online TV coming to everyone … Live too!

altv_masthead980The latest data from comScore Video Metrix shows an incredible 158 million U.S. Internet users — or 80% of the country’s online population — watched online video in July.

It is amazing to find that a total of 21.4 billion videos were viewed during the month.

The report also shows the average online video was 3.7 minutes, while the average online video viewer watched about 500 minutes of video, or 8.3 hours, according to the research company.

This was not as surprising as I first thought when I thought about it. Why? Because the market is now being defined by a generational phenomenon … and of course there is a buzz word for this … “digital natives”.

Their media mix is much different to other generations but this mix is now filtering through to others rapidly. The “digital native” lives on the internet and thrives on a diet of social networks/media, web TV, podcasts, mobile TV, peer to peer file sharing and video on demand mixed with linear TV, cinema and radio.

But these latest “survey” figures show that online video is spreading well beyond the “digital natives”. I must admit that although I spend a lot of my time focused on digital media I am a product of my era … in that online TV does not come naturally.

My best example of this is the recent world record in the 100 metres by Usain Bolt. As a Track and Field fan I was desperate to see it … having missed the live telecasts into Australia at 4am … and working whilst TV News services were on … I turned to Google!!

Google very quickly pointed me to several links (mainly YouTube) where I could watch every possible angle and see the telecasts provided to a variety of countries and in a variety of languages.

So whilst the latest figures from the US are startling, but not surprising, there is much growth to come from people like me and in terms of the type and duration of viewing.

An Adelaide company AustraliaLiveTV has been proving this for some time. Unlike almost every other online video outlet … they broadcast live and as such encourage interactivity with the presenters. Within their first year of operation they are producing more live/local content than any of the free to air networks in this city and their advertising revenues have them at their forecast earlier than planned.

Even more surprising is the fact that the bulk of their programming at the moment is targeted at an Adelaide ageing demographic and one that is more associated with talkback radio.

But radio on Internet TV is working because it’s live and interactive … and it’s attracting audiences well beyond Adelaide and the ageing demographic because of this.

So I have tried to get my head around why talkback radio on TV works … and I guess it’s the same reason as breakfast TV, panel chat shows etc work. As long as the hosts/guests are entertaining we like to watch the interaction as opposed to just listen.

So for the Grumpy Old Manager who is still blissfully ignorant of the power of social media in building business … maybe Internet TV is the trigger that we need to add to our new media/marketing mix!

Its Definately Not A Fad

Increasingly in our business we are seeing the need to use Video to tell our clients’ stories effectively. The Internet now affords us a cost effective delivery mechanism and the proliferation of simple but effective videos on the net (e.g. YouTube) allows us to produce it cost effectively by keeping the production simple.

The guys at Turn Here have some great examples of the sorts of videos I am talking about on their site and if you as them they will send you an excellent White Paper explaining the how an why of Internet Video.

A great tool for shooting an editing simple video on the run specifically for internet use is the Flip Video Camera … at less then $200 this is an amazing tool that all communicators should carry with them these days.

MyRaganTV have a great review of it on their site.. you should watch it to find out more. At the time of writing they are only available in the US.