People Turning off their TV and turning to their own devices

image Not long ago the thought of turning to the PC  for entertainment was a foreign idea and certainly replacing the idea replacing Cable or Free to Air TV with streaming over the net – IPTV.   But recent research shows that there is a major swing taking place in the US right now.

The  “cord-cutting” trend TV away from traditional TV is benefiting IPTV according to a new report from research specialists IHS. Continue reading People Turning off their TV and turning to their own devices

Is TV the Ultimate Social Media Platform……of course not ….but…

…….It can certainly help prime the pump and build a social media  marketing engine.   TV can provide the reach to develop the interest that can lead to the engagement we all want from Social Media.

Many people think TV advertising is too expensive…but its not if used well and while many people in business know Internet can be cost effective they dont know how to generate traffic to their site….so why not combine TV and the Social Web backed by simple analytics to get max effectiveness.

We have all seen the way TV shows are harnessing Twitter to create conversations between viewers, Facebook to build 24/7 engagement with viewers and YouTube to provide promos and highlights to the masses. Now thy have specialist Social Media platforms like Fango enhancing websites to build  interactivity with viewers.

Also those of us with kids in their teens and twenties know that TV, Facebook and Twitter can all be used in sync without missing a beat.

So how can we use this knowledge to build business for your SME.

Recently working with our client Property Asset Planning we developed a campaign, to develop direct sales for a new product offering, which provides a good example of what can be achieved.

We are ensuring that not only do we reach a broad market but we also make sure our client’s past and current clients are kept well informed and encouraged to talk to friends and colleagues about the campaign. In addition to an innovative advertising campaign we have implemented a Social Media strategy to streamline our communications and are now implementing a new Customer Relationship Management System to ensure the best possible service levels are maintained.

The first step in reaching the market was to develop the NRAS 4 SA website and associated Facebook, Twitter and Blog presence. This was followed by developing a TV ad which gets across the NRAS message very clearly and points people to the website for more information.

This ad is very effective and very simple (as you will see below) but delivers one Message and one Call to Action — “Find out the Facts Now”… go to …with that web address on screen for the entire commercial.

We developed 15 sec and 30 sec versions based on a powerful script which will also be used for Radio ads as well. Total cost of development and production was under $5,000

We decided to run a month long trial on Channel 10 as they had programming that matched our demographic and delivered the flexible approach that we were looking for. Suffice to say running the ads in about 30 spots (no more than 3 a day) for one week and then repeated after a weeks break – the results were impressive. Total costs for this month’s air time was less than $5,000 because of the mix of programs chosen (some spots costing as low as $20 with a max of $250) and the use of 15 and 30 secs ads throughout for maximum effectiveness.

The Google analytics were checked after each ad aired to judge effectiveness and programming for week two adjusted accordingly.

Each day the ad ran we had between 80 and 150 extra hits which resulted in 4 – 8 emails per day with about half including the optional phone number. More than 50% resulted in meetings and most of these in home presentations which resulted in sales ….bearing in mind the average sale is well in excess of $300,000.

We then committed to a further three months…to see if the results continued …..suffice to say the campaign has now been running for 6 months and the sales made so far comfortably exceed the total sales for the whole of last year……in tough economic times.

Thats ROI!!!

Each week we prepare a report that shows hits by day along with emails and appointments made this goes to our very helpful account manager at 10 who makes sure we continue to use our budget (which has doubled now) as effectively as possible.

One thing we have learned during the six months is the importance of a true mobile site. When the first ads aired about 20% of hits came from mobile devices while people were watching TV. That has now grown to 25% steadily and we have now developed a true mobile site (plus an app soon) to ensure People Find Out the Facts and can easily get in contact via email or phone.

There are many further aspects to the campaign to be implemented (inc Radio, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) but a shortage of stock and new staff to cope with the demand have meant less than 50% of the campaign has been implemented.

In June we bolstered campaign with Cinema screen ads but have found from our web analytics our ad is not having much impact …as such our Creative Team are developing a new ad that will have poeple in Cinemas take notice and act ….stay tuned for more.

Our main focus will be on Digital Media with the traditional media being used to draw attention to our website, Facebook and Twitter presence.

We will use our online “sites” to engage and educate our clients and encourage them to reach more people with the NRAS message by sharing the information we develop.

A Newsletter campaign is now engaging past and current clients with a Call to Action that encourages sharing content with friends and colleagues that they believe would beneft form Finding out The Facts about NRAS. Theya re encouraged to join our Facebook community for the latest news and views whilst also learning from and converse with others with interest in NRAS.

A great example of the impact of the campaign and the people sharing the message with friends and family came recently from the Nicdoa family. The saw the ad on Channel 10 on Monday and signed a contract by the following weekend.

Then they told everyone they knew about NRAS…. The result – they arranged a seminar at their home for a dozen people and invited Brian Chant from Property Asset Planning to present the NRAS story.

And of course many saw the benefits and have since acquired an NRAS property

“it was such a good opportunity to build for the future we had to share it with everyone we know.” said Mr Nicdoa.

Now Twitter is being used to send instant and up-to-date information such as latest stock availability and alerts.

And there is much more to come on this developing story.