Is your business like China or Iran?

banned in chinaIf yours is one of many companies that bans the use of FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc then you have much in common with China and Iran!

Although in recent times Twitter has been used very successfully as the medium to transmit more info about the situation in Iran there than CNN or any of the mainstream media!

There are many things that amuse me about an office ban on Twitter etc as I have said before (Smoke or Surf) but none more than a company that proclaims they are very keen to hire more young people and/or a younger market.

Millennials and GenYs who see that their prospective employer has such a policy will almost certainly not be interested. So make sure you demonstrate the outlook and attitude younger people are looking for, if you want to acquire them.

Although it seems crazy in current times to focus heavily on young talent (and succession planning) to bypass the deep and wide pool of talented Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

So there is one use for Social Media it seems – even non believers may seem some use for .. attracting young employees. And while they are to be found on social media sites so are people of all ges and demographic so why limit your prospecting because what you will find are people who will want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. But also the same applies to consumers and potential clients not just to potential employees.

But why would you want o hire someone you found on social media site wen your company blocks use of such site. Well perhaps you should not! Instead you should have a social media strategy these days and it should e alignment with your mantra,values an vision. If you overstate your commitment to new technologies by banning he for example employees and consumer may will be very turned off.

But how will they know you ask! because social media is the ultimate watchdog. There are now sites springing up that list everything you may want to now about a company, especially as a prospective employee . Glassdoor is one such site, listing Reviews, Salaries by Job Class, Media stories, blog entries etc for 26,000 plus companies.

In summary the benefits of using social media to hire staff…

You will be better prepared after reading the applicants personal and professional bio and recommendations (eg on LinkedIn & FaceBook) watched their video/s on YouTube, read their blog and checked their tweets

They will be more prepared after looking at you website, reading your blog, connecting with some current emplyees on LinkedIn, looking for info on sites like and read comments on your Facebook fan page. They will certainly know more than they ever did from the mareketing speak on the standard brochure like website. They may indeed decide that you dont fit them!!

And now their is a new term in recruitment Onboarding. From day one they may recognise some of your people from their Twitter photos or LinkedIn profiles. They will probably already “know” a few people from meeting them on LinkedIn or Facebook. Life will be easier from Day One ….they wont be faced with asking random starners where to find the nearest toilet. They will feel at home and as such productive much sooner.