Social Media Marketing – Its about Engagment

In Lois Kelly – Keeping it simple social_media_marketing_campaign I posted a diagram by one of my favorite author’s Lois Kelly which simply showed what Social Media was all about.

Today I am using a diagram by one of my favorite Aussie Bloggers Laurel Papworth and Gary Hayes, which still keeps it simple but extends the reach and breadth of Social Media Marketing.

But it does highlight that a full Campaign has one key objective reaching the target cost effectively.

In our Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing we keep it simple to get people started. Build a profile in all the right places and submit content to get noticed by Search Engines etc .

But as the diagram shows the landscape is broader and in addition it is in a state of constant change. Content on Social media sites changes constantly and is an area that a Social Marketer must pay close attention to make sure they keep up.

Whilst getting noticed by search engines and rating well in Google is still a real key the prime objective of the Social Media Campaign is much more and requires more time and effort to be effective.

A major focus is on the building of a community of Followers, Supporters, Evangelists … a Tribe as Seth Godin Calls it . This can be done by becoming a contributor to other communities and helping them to build traffic and in return opening opportunities to engage with your consumers directly there.


There are many benefits to a good Social Media presence and even more to a well crafted and implemented campaign as a recent survey shows the benefits are seen as far more extensive than traditional marketing.