I’m Baaaack

Well its been a while since I broke the blogging habit.  I let myself get snowed under by all manner of things in the Social Networking/Media/news world!!!

I have worked out Twitter, updated my Google Profile, Read Countless  Blogs,  flirted with Ning, StumpbledUpon Digg, listened to the wit and wisdom of Seth Godin and Chris Brogan … set up Squidoo Lens for Clients… not to mention discovering the power and potential of VodPod, Sta.rtup.biz and eCademy…..  and then I found Google Chrome and love it.

But what do all of these great tools have in common apart from the Buzz ….. they can soak up time … and not necessarily get results you hoped for

social networks by Skampy
social networks by Skampy


But when I found myself sending emails on interesting topics I was finding to all my clients I realised I was on the wrong track……  I should have been working on my blog and attracting clients, prospects and anyone interested there….

So I am back with avengance … Stay tuned for more.

Any help I can get on continuing to find my way through the Social Media maze will be greatly appreciated!!

Who Ordered the Meatball Sundae?

I first read the guru of New Marketing – Seth Godin’s (www.sethgodin.com) book, Meatball Sundae last year. Recently I have been reading it again because I believe it is the definitive work on how “New Marketing” is transforming the business world and I want to make sure my clients are going to thrive in it.

He likens the core of any organisation,whether it’s products, services or traditional marketing, to meatballs. While the sundae, the whipped topping, nuts and cherry is what new marketing provides especially offering new ways to spread the meatball message.

Of course a meatball sundae does not sound appetising, but they’re being created across a wide variety of organisations as marketers try to force traditional messages into new online channels.

However, Seth focuses his message on using the web to deliver messages that have been put together specifically to suit this new approach to marketing. Seth explains that you’ve got to reinvent your business to fit the realities of the new marketing (rather than the other way around), because ideas that spread through groups of people are far more powerful than ideas delivered at an individual .

Most importantly he has identifies 14 Trends that can help us avoid making a meatball sundae and deliver outstanding results in leveraging new media.:

1. Direct Communication with your target market.
The need for speed

2. Consumers and Independent Authorities now have loud voices via New Media.

3. Make your stories Authentic as sources increase. Be what you say … Say what you Be.

4. Extremely Short Attention Spans due to Clutter. Complex messages rarely reach their mark these days.

5. Don’t ignore the Long Tail. The economics of creating and selling have fundamentally changed.

6.Outsourcing. Don’t kill great ideas because of cost.

7. The dicing of everything The web, especially Google, loves to unbundle things.

8. Infinite Channels of Communication. The chaos and clutter will get worse with new channels being created.

9. Direct Communication and Commerce between Consumers and Consumers. It started with e-Bay

10. The Shifts in Scarcity and Abundance. No need to find things to do in a spare time. We don’t have any.

11. Triumph of Big Ideas. YouTube Videos are an excellent example.

12. The Shift from How Many to Who
Stop paying attention to how many and start paying attention to WHO.

13. The Wealthy are Like Us. The rich are different than 30 or 40 years ago.

14. New Gatekeepers & No Gatekeepers Now we have online channels where there are no gatekeepers. Anyone can post anything online and if it’s good, it will spread.