The enovAsia accelerator

In my recent post Entrepreneurialism – it’s like flying a plane while still building it…  I raised some of the pitfalls of Entrepreneurialism especially when it comes to financing your dreams.

Given that at our consulting business enovAsia we focus on Innovation we have decided top develop our own model to assist many of the great Startups in our home town – Adelaide.

We will utilise the support of our major investor and the companies that we work with to provide a total Entrepreneur ecosystem.

It has been utilised with some success and now we are planning to open it up more widely.

The Enovasia Model – Looks Like This…

We have found financial investors that have access to significant capital ($50 million) to invest in digital media and sustainability focused opportunities, though this need not always rely on ADMSL.

We are now actively seeking early stage businesses that meet our criteria … start-ups that we can invest in and also derive revenue from for affiliated, “group” or “network” businesses via a direct solution sales model. Continue reading The enovAsia accelerator

Keep Your Antennae Up

source Trendhunter.comLast night I was fortunate enough to attend a Trend Spotting Workshop run by Kristina Dryza.

Kristina has worked all of the world for the past 15 years with major Brands such as Virgin, Ikea, Nokia and has now returned to her home town of Adelaide to share her knowledge.

Her session confirmed a few things I knew and a few I suspected and opened my eyes to many other ways to spot trends…which is key to anyone like me working in Innovation within Media, Marketing and Selling.

When looking to determine if a new product etc is likely to be successful as a fad or part of a trend she suggested 5 points to work through: Continue reading Keep Your Antennae Up