It’s the Law 2.0

lawyersAs we have completed The Grumpy Old Managers Guide to Social Media Marketing we have looked at how the tools of Web 2.0 can be applied to a variety of professions, industries, jobs. Our aim is to provide some good case studies to give our clients some ideas to kick start their specific Social Media Marketing plans.

The legal profession was one that took our interest so we headed to LinkedIn to do some research. We found over 200,000 lawyers are using LinkedIn to some degree. There are also a number of groups on LinkedIn specifically for lawyers to exchange info and learn from each other.

So like many other professions the legal profession is embracing LinkedIn. Some of the benefits being gained include:

  • Increasing traffic to their websites;
  • Improving their ranking in Google searches;
  • Researching potential partners or competitors or opposing lawyers or potential clients;
  • Researching potential jurors;
  • Keeping up to date with peers;
  • Building their professional network;
  • Researching/headhunting potential new staff/graduates;

So there are many benefits to be had and some very specific to the profession that open up via access to the vast amount of information available on Web 2.0 sites.

Clearly lawyers can’t and many aren’t ignoring Social Media. But like others they will find that these sites only work if they are prepared to invest time and effort to learn how best to apply the benefits to their specific situation. A great place to find more about LinkedIn and lawyers is at the Worlds Largest LinkedIn Lawyers Network.