Getting people who lived the story to tell the story………

2014-09-14 21.35.10Some years ago I decided I wanted to write the story of Neller Software for a number of reasons … and along the way developed an approach that I think applies to writing of any modern history book in a very cost effective and rewarding way.

But why is the first question when it comes to writing a book. Well…… Neller Software has played a very siginificant role in the birth and development of the Computer Software industry in Australia

And it had played a very signifiant role in my life and development in three different periods and in three very different ways.

1, I was sent to work there by my employer at the time Chrysler Australia to help complete a Payroll system we had bought

2 As an employee who went there as a techo and came out a few years later as a marketeer – an Analyst programmer who went on to become Product Manager

3. As Marketing Director and shareholder when the ownership changed and I was between jobs …. more about me and that later….. in the book. Continue reading Getting people who lived the story to tell the story………

Don’t just shrink your website to go Mobile…

mobile-imageIt is amazing how often I look up a website on my iPhone and get a full site compressed onto the screen making it damn near impossible to read.

Or a site that has a least been set up to fit each device but with too much information to be readable on the iPhone.

It is now almost 3 years since we found 30% of people going to a clients site after seeing a TV commercial were doing so on a mobile device whilst watching TV.

Now it is just about the norm to be using another device smartphone or tablet to access the net while watching TV.

So if you don’t have a site that works well on a mobile device ….then its beyond time to do something about it… So do something now…. please!! Continue reading Don’t just shrink your website to go Mobile…

Forget the PC … Everything I need is on my SmartPhone


Just when you accept its time to explore the Net etc on your PC, now you don’t need to because everything you need and more is on your SmartPhone/iPhone.

While there are some incredible applications for all manner of purposes – business, leisure etc – available for your iPhone many are also available for other new phones that are capable of accessing the Net.

There have been 1 billion applications downloaded for the iPhone! So when Apple says there is an app for everything they mean it.

So now from my phone I can manage my Facebook accounts and do everything I can on my desktop with ease on the fly.

With Tweetdeck I can keep track of Twitter and monitor the brands I work with instantly wherever I am.

I can use Google Maps to not only find an address and get detailed instructions on how to get there, as you do with the GPS in your car, … but I can also look at the image of the street and the building I am looking for using Street View. Not sure why anyone buys a handheld GPS anymore when your phone can do better!!

Also having Google at my fingertips means I can find almost anything I need to know at anytime … Great for Quiz Nights …. I guess. If thats not enough I can get more details using Wikipedia on my phone.

There is another application called Evernote that allows you to collect thoughts and ideas on the run and sync them to your Mac when you return to the office. This can include voice, image and video notes all in one easy to access place.

With WordPress on my phone I can write my blog anywhere anytime … as i have done sitting in bed, on a plane or train or relaxing in a coffee shop.

Stitcher allows me to collect a personalised stream of information in audio from talk radio, news and information sources such as CNN, AAP, ESPN and TechCrunch. This can be personalised for me and/or for my clients and I can listen to it anywhere anytime.

And finally the must have a killer app for the iPhone which is, believe it or not, called Bump. It allows you to exchange contact info with other iPhone users by simply touching phones. For sometime I have been predicting the death of the business card … well this could be it!!

Of course there are many more, but these are the ones that are very useful to me in my business … of course sending and receiving email on the run and accessing the Net have been available for ages but now phones are going to the next level and making access to this sort of thing much more usable.

Although you don’t need an iPhone for much of this I do think that maybe it finally is time for this PC biggot to accept that I would be better of with an iPhone and a Mac … or maybe just an iPhone. There is even a small projector that clips on and would allow me to run PowerPoint presentations straight from the Phone!!!

And even with all this potential at their fingertips there are still the Grumpy Old Managers who yearn for a simple phone with big buttons to press … because all they think a mobile phone is for is to make and receive calls!!!