When analysing all the predictions for Social Media in 2010 over the Christmas break I decided a To Do List for my clients …..  then I thought perhaps it should be a Dont Do List ….  then I thought perhaps its should be a combination of the two…

So I developed my To Do and Dont Do of Social Media for 2010 …  which in Twitter form I shortened to DoozNDonz 2010….   and now I will work through the list and then try in 140 characters or less to explain each of them..

Content not Crap

Trust not Trash

Make Time not Too Busy

Budget not Bluff

Measure not Hope

Plan not Ignore

Policy not Assume

Fanbook not Facebook

Linkin not Linkoff

Conversing not Shouting

Value not Costly

Testimonial not Acrimonial

Consolidation not Confusion

Re-use not Re-do

Syndicate not Isolate

Relationship s not Numbers

Connected not Just Online

Selective not Inclusive

Community not Crowds

HiTouch not HiTech

Google not Gamble

Focussed not Overwhelmed

Give not Just Get

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