leadershipWhen decided to develop a simple guide to the key things our clients should be using to build business using Social Media we decided to give it a catching title and one that summed up the sold of person that needed our help.

Hence the Grumpy Old Mangers Guide —   But to benefit from what we have to say you don’t have to be Grumpy, or Old, or a Manager. You don’t have to be Male of Female…. we think a GOM

Is capable of making a joke against himself while tackling difficult issues

Can laugh at themselves

Plans everything

Delegates everything to have plenty to complain about

and is happily grumpy because they believe they are in control, have a team that knows what they have to deliver and praises his people to the max to everyone!

But have been known to say some or all of the following

Have enough computers at work, why should I want to use them at home?

Don’t understand what it’s all about and don’t want to

Don’t have the time to waste and don’t want my staff wasting my time on social networks

Too old

No benefit to me or my business so would just be a waste of time

I’m anti-social so why would I go on a social network

It won’t do anything for my business/industry/profession

It’s for young people and techos

I got a friend, client, expert to design, build and write my web site – I don’t have time

I have a techo maintain my site. Everyone else is too busy or doesn’t understand it

I have a website because everyone says I need one. Not sure why

I have a mobile phone but only use it as a phone. Don’t understand how to use for text/email etc

What do you think …   love to have any additions to what you think a GOM is and what a GOM is likely to say when confronted with  “new” technology/marketing/ideas etc..

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