Viridian Energy have over the past 6 years in the US developed a unique approach to providing for your Electricity needs and in partnership with Click Energy in Australia we are now delivering Affordable and Responsible electricity to our customers.

Viridian already makes responsible energy made easy for 250,000 customers in the US.

In terms of rates I know from the bills of the customers who have already joined with me, we will be a lower cost option 80% of the time and sometimes much lower.  I have been assured with our no lock in contract month to month approach that in this highly competitive market we  will always be very competitive (in the lowest 3 priced providers).

But above all 50% of the carbon produced by the electricity you consume is offset to support a cleaner environment.  There is no other provider that offers this at no extra cost and / or can prove it as we do with annual audited reports.

We partnered with Click in Australia because in addition to their rates and our commitment to the 50% carbon offsets

  • they have an excellent record for service
  • their call centres are and will always be located in Australia,
  • they offer month to month contracts with no lock ins to get discounts and
  • your bill will be very easy to understand with payments via monthly instalments.

For more on why we chose to partner with  Click Energy see details below.

To join us and /or check out a quote based on your past bills simply click on the  Become a Customer button on my website .. it only take a couple of minutes to complete the application online.

You will then be notified by Click Energy that the transfer process is underway and that you will have a 10 day cooling off period. At the end of that time Click will call to confirm the transfer (you will not have to deal with your current provider unless you are interested in the calls they will make offering you incentives to stay). Please ask Click to arrange a meter reading as soon as possible so that you can start to  help deliver a better world and cleaner environment as soon as possible.

If you would like to know more about Viridian Energy and why I have joined them and the business opportunity  click on the  Your Opportunity button on my website while you are there and watch the Video

As an Adjunct Professor teaching Innovation at the Adelaide campus of US University Carnegie Mellon I am acutely aware of the disruptive and challenging times ahead.  As such I am advising everyone to consider starting a Plan B business they own and as such control their own destiny.

Viridian is my Plan B so joining us will be helping me and others build a sound future and could well be right for you too

Having a very practical focus on supporting a cleaner environment we will have regular tree planting and associated activities. As a customer you will be invited to join us in some great locations in SA. from time to time.

If you have any questions please call me.

Rick Carter

0406 187 174

Why choose Click Energy’s Viridian Simply Right Plan?

We’ve partnered with Click to bring competitive electricity and gas (Victoria only) offers to Australian households. When you switch to Click Energy’s Viridian Simply Right Plans, Viridian will purchase global carbon offsets for your energy use at no additional cost. So the power that runs your home, is also the power that betters the world.

Also you will enjoy the benefit of local knowledge. The Click customer service team understand you because like you, they live and use Energy right here in Australia, plus have 10 years of experience looking after more than 130,000 customers. This is reflected not just in the complimentary reviews from their customers but also in Click Energy winning the coveted CanStar Blue 5-star rating for overall customer satisfaction in Queensland

Click is not only the first electricity provider to be 100% online, but they are committed to always having a 100% Australian-based service team – based in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Some energy companies make electricity seem more complicated than it actually needs to be. But we know that Click Energy do things a bit differently to most electricity companies – their mission is to make electricity as simple as possible for their customers.

Why Click are different?

  • They are 100% online: As Australia’s first online energy retailer, they are able to lower our costs and pass on the savings in the form of cheap electricity & natural gas.
  • They reward customers with great rates: They offer electricity & natural gas rates that are consistently competitively low.
  • They don’t have any additional fees: They don’t believe in charging additional fees to the  customers, so if you’re with Click they won’t ask you to pay any exit fees.
  • They don’t have lock in contracts: So, in the unlikely event that you want to change energy companies, you can do so at any time.
  • They are very easy to deal with: Thanks to their extensive email and phone support. I have personally seen lots of evidence to support this claim
  • Plus, switching is easy: Unlike other energy companies where you have to jump through an endless set of hoops when you sign up, at Click all you need to do is jump online, enter your details and you’re done.

And during the transfer process:

You do not have to speak to your current retailer – Click will take care of it for you

Your electricity supply will not be disrupted during the transfer process.

If you have any questions during the switch over you can call Click  on 1800 775 929 or email