Innovation on Your Mainstreeet

coworking-statisticsWhile there is much talk and focus on Innovation, relatively few people in the broader community know what it is and how they can help engage and foster Innovation for the benefit of all in our community.  Through our Innovation In The City group we have opened the opportunity for people to Learn and become involved.

Now ….What better way to get more involvement that taking Innovation to a shop front in a busy street….and in doing so bring new people, vitality and opportunities for growth to businesses . and where better to do it than in a Neighbourhood that needs it.

We aim to use a 400 sq metres  vacant space on Beach Road at Christies on the Beach (soon to be formerly known as Christies Beach) as a flexible and creative way to achieve all of these aims and more.

Innovation on the Miantreets  is the brainchild of Tony Williamson a long term business owner in the Hutt St Precinct and past member of Adelaide City Council and Rick Carter an Innovation, Media and Marketing specialist who lecturers at Carnegie Mellon University in Enterprise Innovation and will bring CMU students, projects and expertise to the Street.

Showcase | Exhibition | Event | Flexible Space

We want to showcase Innovation via an exhibition space fronting Beach Rd – everything from drones to 3D printing and Sustainable Energy to the Internet of Things.

Each month we expect to have sponsored hands-on exhibitions focussing on different aspects of Innovation (eg Electric Vehicles, Solar and Battery technology, Smart Cities etc)

With a focus on flexibility the space will be easily reconfigured for Pop Up events (e.g. Product Launches, Charity Fund Raisers, Art Exhibition, Fringe Shows etc)

Education | Training | Presentation | Flexible Space

We will also provide education and training to business, schools and residents using a proven Innovation Methodology “Selling your Way to Innovation” developed in association with Harold Sharples – The man who taught Tim Cook (Apple CEO) how to Innovate the way we Innovate – to help people leverage what they have into what they need for the future, using Technology and Information as an enabler, turning Hutt St into a vibrant, diverse Innovation Precinct.

Co-Working | Meeting | Flexible Space

A Co-Working space will add further diversity to the street and provide opportunities via scholarships for young people with big ideas to have a base amongst seasoned and experienced business professionals and proven innovators.

We aim to attract a wide variety of people – not just young startups – but many experienced professionals who see that if you work for yourself you don’t need to work alone. These people may also need space for Events, Exhibitions and Training. 

Co-working has grown worldwide at roughly 36% over the past twelve months and as such we expect demand to be high especially given some unique points of difference we will offer.

We expect to be able to pay commercial rents within 6 months of start up and lease the building (upstairs and downstairs) for 5 years or more based purely on revenue from Co – Working  – given predictions that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneurs by 2020


We see this space as being attractive to business of all types and government agencies  (Federal, State and Local) who want to be seen to sponsor and support Innovation.  We will recommend to these sponsors that they have some their staff work in the CoWorking space for a month or two and also provide scholarships for young people who need such a space but cant yet afford it, so they begin to experience  Innovation not just talk about it.

Our key aim is to deliver growth in the form of jobs in SA and support the Initiatives of Federal and State Governments and in particular to help the Onkaparinga City Council deliver some of their goals  as a vital city and a base for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

Innovation on Beach will become a model for similar centres in Australia and the re purposing of vacant retail / warehouse premises in high profile locations. in doing so we will support businesses and landlords in such commercial precincts.


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