Don’t get ahead of yourself in 2014

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After the year I have had in 2013 this is my mantra for the future…

Goals are about being nimble and flexible.

This time last year I had just returned from  a meeting with my business partners  in Singapore where we had signed off on  a major investment that would allow us to expand our operations  in Asia and also invest  in our media partners in China.

We set plans and goals for the year based on the work we had done to get to this point and were ready to move on to big things in 2013.

Little was I to know the investor would pull out within the next six weeks and our partners in China would not live up to expectations. 

But at the end of 2012 things looked very rosy, our business plans for Asia  were looking good at last and I was fitter and healthier than I had been in decades…riding my bike 3 – 4 times a week…climbing Mt Lofty with ease.

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